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Big D reviews Streets of Bedlam

GeneralJason L Blair28 February 2014

Derek Stoelting gives a glowing review of Streets of Bedlam over at his blog:

All in all, this is the best Savage Worlds game I’ve seen in a long time and another feather in the cap for Jason L Blair and FunSizedGames’ hats.

Thank you, Derek!

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The First 48

GeneralJason L Blair15 June 2012

Streets of Bedlam has been out for a little over two days now and the initial critical response has been very positive. Darren Miller has a full write-up over at Geekcentricity and Thomas Brownell gives his take over at his blog. Here are my favorite pulls from their reviews:

From Darren:

“It reads like Rush sounds, tight and polished, but rocking your face off.”

“The character creation is the strongest I’ve seen of any Savage Worlds setting.”

“[My] two-word review is: ‘Fucking Phenomenal.'”

From Thomas:

“The writing is very crisp.”

“[T]he Plot Point Campaign structure is a welcome change of pace.”

“I love the Archetypes set-up for character creation.”

I am very excited by the response so far and, if you haven’t checked out the game yet, I hope you give it a shot if you’re a fan of crime dramas, Savage Worlds, or are a gamer interested in trying something new.


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