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Back to the Streets

GeneralJason L Blair27 July 2017

Hey, everyone!

So, after a long funk accompanied by constant pain and an eventual full left hip replacement, I am back.

What does that mean? It means I have renewed energy for personal projects, after a long period away, and am committed to finishing up some long overdue efforts. I recently (just yesterday) bought a new work laptop for writing and layout. I have some files to dig out of my old, busted laptop but I am already up and running.

I’m posting this both at LittleFears.com and StreetsOfBedlam.com because this applies to both of those lines.

Little Fears Nightmare Edition

I am currently finishing up Campfire Tales #8: The House that Wasn’t There. It should see release next week. Then I’m going to get the Little Fears Middle Grade novel, The Wolf Pact, laid out and up for digital sale (and digital fulfillment on that Kickstarter).

From there, I will get print copies of The Wolf Pact set up and ordered so those of you awaiting hardcopies can finally get yours.

Then, I’m going to take a break to do up some Streets of Bedlam stuff but, when I return to Little Fears Nightmare Edition, I wanna finish Campfire Tales #9: On Paper Wings, She Flew and then run the Kickstarter to print Little Fears Nightmare Edition Book 4: Campfire Tales Collection, which will contain all nine Campfire Tales and an anthology-exclusive Campfire Tales #10: Return to Camp Howling Wolf. Have no fear though, Campfire Tales loyalists will be able to grab a PDF of the tenth adventure during the Kickstarter.

From there? Well, I’d love to write the follow-up to The Wolf Pact. But let’s finish these goals before I get too far ahead of myself.

Streets of Bedlam

My poor, abandoned Savage Worlds setting. I love Streets of Bedlam and have some work left to do. After taking that aforementioned break from LFNE, I’m gonna finish up SoB Stories #3: A Priest + a Rabbi Walk into a Bar. Then, I’m gonna layout the second supplement to see where that stands as far as page count, illustration needs, completeness. I won’t have the scratch to illustrate it just yet but it’s written. And it’s really cool.

After, I’d like to release SoB Stories #4: Canary in a Coal Mine as well as #5: The Devils from Dublin.

Of course, there’s plenty more I’d love to do with SoB but I have enough to fulfill already. I’m itching to do so, and I can’t fully express just how reenergized I am after such a long time away.

Other Stuff

I…may have some other fun things in the pipe to fill this out. More info when I can.

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Out Now: SoB Stories #1

GeneralJason L Blair18 July 2014

It’s finally here! The Summer of Bedlam has officially kicked off with the release of SoB Stories #1: This Town is Gonna Kill Me!

One year ago, a well-meaning citizen talked a mild-mannered accountant out of throwing herself off the roof of her apartment building. When that same citizen goes missing, the accountant looks for help in finding the man—not knowing just how many people want her savior to disappear for good.

Thank you all for your patience, and a big thank you to Kickstarter Backer Josh Bazin for his input on the story. It was a lot of fun working a tiny nugget of an idea into a full-fledged scenario based on key feedback from a fan. I hope you all enjoy it.

Click here or on the image below to check out the page on DriveThruRPG. (I’ll be sending out the free codes to qualified Kickstarter Backers momentarily.)

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Out Now: A Bunch of SOBs – New Archetypes!

Archetypes, GeneralJason L Blair19 January 2014

After consulting with backers of the SoB Kickstarter, I am proud to announce that the formerly-Kickstarter exclusive Archetypes are now available to everybody! Introducing Streets of Bedlam: A Bunch of SOBs, a new line of Archetypes ready for use with your game. These 12-page PDFs include a full write-up of each Archetype, just like in the corebook, along with signature characters for use as PC starting points or NPCs.

Each release in this line includes two Archetypes.

A Bunch of SOBs: Ingenue + Sawbones
Reach for the stars as the talented-yet-naive Ingenue or sit on the razor’s edge as the high-pressure combat doc Sawbones.

A Bunch of SOBs: [REDACTED] + Trouble
Get deep into the game as the undercover [Redacted] or get what’s yours as the manipulative Trouble.

Click the images above to check our their DriveThruRPG listing. I hope you all enjoy these new Archetypes!

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The Year in Bedlam

GeneralJason L Blair07 January 2014

Happy (belated) 2014, Bedlamites!

Things have been quiet around here for a while so I wanted to give you all an update as to where things stand in the world of SoB.

Kickstarter Shipping

All Kickstarter packages have been sent out. You should have received yours in mid-December at the latest (speaking to you international folks) so no shipments should be lagging. If you have not received yours, please let me know!

Sounds of Bedlam

Work continues on the soundtrack to SoB. I hope to have an update on that soon with a release early this year.

SoB Stories

Okay, first and foremost, I’ve reached out to the Kickstarter backers who opted to influence a future scenarios. I’ve gotten most of the responses in and I’ll be working on them throughout the winter and spring. My hope is to have a half-dozen 6k word scenarios out through end of Summer. That might be a bit aggressive but I am making these a priority. The current list is:

“A Priest + A Rabbi Walk Into a Bar”
Two members of the clergy are found dead on the floor of Durbin’s Bar + Grill. The scene was obviously set up to look like they offed each other but some key clues point the trigger finger in another direction.

“Live Nude Girls”
The ladies of Bricktown have enjoyed relative peace since Queenie ascended the throne. But somebody in town has taken some fungirls hostage and is using them as leverage to get something from the head Valkyrie. Something she’s not eager to part with.

“This Town is Gonna Kill Me”
One year ago, a well-meaning citizen talked a mild-mannered accountant out of throwing himself off the roof of his apartment building. When that same citizen goes missing, the accountant looks for help in finding the man–not knowing just how many people wanted his savior to disappear for good.

“The Devils from Dublin”
When word comes down that a couple brothers are in town looking to collect the debts due to their dear, departed father, the authorities launch a manhunt. But the truth is the brothers are looking for more than money, they’re after a high-ranking member of the Bedlam aristocracy and are more than willing to murder their way to them.

“The Ol’ Karaoke Landmine”
Mr. Muramoto’s new club is the hottest thing to hit Bedford in a long time. But when the mob families discover the Yakuza is backing the man’s venture–and using it to nab businesses that used to ally with the Mafia–the family heads threaten all-out war. If the situation can’t be resolved, the entire city is gonna burn.

“Canary in a Coal Mine”
A stoolie for the mob is found bobbing in the drink one hot summer night. His body is marked with warning to other would-be squealers. The next day, a key witness for a multi-year organized crime op reverses her testimony. A prosecutor on the rise isn’t about to let this stall his career, and he decides to enact his own plan to get the mafia to ease off his witness.

Secret Project Chingon

I currently have a writer working on the first big SoB supplement which I’m really excited about. I’ll have more details about this as it nears completion.

Alright, that’s where everything’s at! I hope you all had a wonderful holiday and a great start to the new year.


Shipping Update and Moving Forward

GeneralJason L Blair07 November 2013

Shipping Update
My hope is that, by now, almost all of you have received your physical rewards (books and dice). If you pledged $60 or less and have not received your reward, please let me know!

Most of the $100 and $200 backers should have their goods as well though I did just discover that ten international orders didn’t make it out due to being hidden in the spreadsheet. *sigh* But I’m fixing that immediately. I have a stack of packages ready to go out tomorrow morning.

Moving Forward
Latest word from Ed Lima is that the soundtrack is coming along well and should be wrapping up soon. I’m very excited to get the rest of the soundtrack out to you folks.

For those who have been wanted to pick up Five-Story Drop, I will have the book added to the online store tomorrow.

Last major bit to wrap up are the backer-influenced scenarios. If you’re one of those backers, expect an email next week to get the ball rolling.

Streets of Bedlam has had multiple bumps in the road since the Kickstarter launch. I fumbled some major aspects and I sincerely apologize to everyone. I will endeavor to wrap up these last few bits in the coming months.

Early next year, expect word on the next book in the series. I have the writer contracted and will be moving forward with that soon. Stay tuned.

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Savage Worlds Sale! 25% off SoB!

GeneralJason L Blair06 September 2013

The folks over at DriveThruRPG have a double whammy of goodness for us Savages. First off, five major Savage Worlds settings, such as Interface Zero and Thrilling Tales, are on sale for just $4.99! In addition, pick up a slew of other settings at reduced cost over at their Drunken Gobline sale!

Streets of Bedlam is among the offerings at 25% off but you’ll also find RunePunk, The Day after Ragnarok, and more. Head over to DriveThruRPG and get your Savage on!

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The Big Ship

GeneralJason L Blair22 August 2013

Everything is on hand so now it’s just a matter of shipping everything out. I’m sending out the packages in waves. About a third of you have your rewards en route. Another third will go out tomorrow. And the rest should go out Monday or Tuesday of next week.

My Other Kickstarter

I’m not going to use StreetsofBedlam.com to promote my new Kickstarter but I did want to put one message out there.

For those of you familiar with my work on Little Fears, I’m currently running a Kickstarter to fund the art and production of a new full-sized Little Fears Nightmare Edition supplement, Blessed are the Children. Much like Among the Missing, the focus is on new character types/options, new aspects to the LFNE universe, new monster, a new episode, and more. If you like tabletop horror, please check it out.

Here’s the link.

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Five-Story Drop is Here!

GeneralJason L Blair05 August 2013

Looks like I have some shipping to do!

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Five-Story Drop: Now Printing

GeneralJason L Blair29 July 2013

Hello! Just a quick update that the revised Five-Story Drop cover proof has been accepted and the books are now cleared for print. I should have them in my hand in about two weeks, I reckon. I’ll let you all know when I do!

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Five-Story Drop: Almost but not Quite

GeneralJason L Blair23 July 2013

The Five-Story Drop proof came in Friday! Here’s an action shot:

The interior looks good but, unfortunately, there’s an issue with the cover. As you can see, the red spinal column overlaps part of the front cover. Not the biggest of big deals but it’s enough of an issue that I’m going to upload a new version of the cover. Since everything else works, I’ll do a digital proof this time which will cut the processing time down severely. As soon as this issue is fixed, I’ll order the books!

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