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Shot of Inspiration: SIN CITY – A DAME TO KILL FOR

GeneralJason L Blair20 August 2014

Out Friday.

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Geekcentricity: A Few More SoBs

GeneralJason L Blair03 April 2014

As a follow-up to yesterday’s wonderful breakdown of the corebook Archetypes, Darren G. Miller offers up another round of TV and movie-based inspiration for the Archetypes from the Bunch of SoBs line.

Check out his take on the Capper, Trouble, Sawbones, Paladin, Ingenue, and [REDACTED] over at Geekcentricity.

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Geekcentricity: The Usual Suspects

GeneralJason L Blair02 April 2014

Over at Geekcentricity, Darren G. Miller breaks down the Streets of Bedlam Archetypes and offers up some examples from a whole bunch of a great TV shows and movies. Highly worth reading if you’re interested in different takes on the core Archetypes.

Geekcentricity: The Usual Suspects

Well done, Darren! Seriously good stuff.

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Shot of Inspiration: SIN CITY: A DAME TO KILL FOR

GeneralJason L Blair14 March 2014

Coming to theaters on August 22nd. I am so gonna be there.

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Shot of Inspiration: THE WHITE SUITS

GeneralJason L Blair24 February 2014

I came across the following comic book series and thought I’d share. It seems to be right up Bedlam’s alley. Peep the description:

Mysterious killers dressed in white, they savaged the Cold War Russian underworld—then disappeared. Now they have resurfaced in New York, leaving a trail of dead mobsters. In this bloody wake, an amnesiac and an FBI agent search for the answer to a single question: Who are the White Suits?

The four-part series just kicked off in both print and digital format. Click the pic below to check out the preview over at Dark Horse’s site.

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Hotel Noir

GeneralJason L Blair21 September 2012

As Streets of Bedlam was made possible through Kickstarter, I’d be remiss not to shine the occasional light on Bedlam-related projects such as Sebastian Guiterrez’s film Hotel Noir, a work that promises trenchcoats, revolvers, and femme fatales. Pretty classic noir stuff there.

Unlike some films seeking funding, Hotel Noir is finished. The filmmakers are seeking cash to get it shown in theaters so it qualifies for larger recognition (such as awards). As a backer, you can get a digital copy of the script, a lobby card, an backer-exclusive version of the film, and more.

What convinced me wasn’t the pitch but the cast. We’re talking Carla Gugino, Danny Devito, Rufus Sewell, Rosario Dawson, Malin Akerman, Robert Forster, Mandy Moore, and Kevin Connolly.

To hear the pitch, check out the video below. For more details, hit the film’s Kickstarter page. As of this posting, the run still has two weeks to go. It’s already hit funding, which is great, but these projects can almost always use more (and you can get some great swag to boot).

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Sin City: A Dame to Kill For Gets a Release Date

GeneralJason L Blair18 May 2012

According to ComicBookMovie.com, the long-awaited sequel to 2005’s violent crime saga Sin City will be hitting theaters nationwide October 4th, 2013. Directors Robert Rodriguez and Frank Miller are back as are stars Mickey Rourke (Marv) and Jessica Alba (Nancy Callahan).

Sin City may as well be required viewing for how perfectly it fits the tone and feel of Streets of Bedlam. If you haven’t seen it yet, check it out. And get ready for the return next October.

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The Samaritan

GeneralJason L Blair13 April 2012

I can’t speak for the quality of the final film but this trailer is dead-on Bedlam. It even has an Archetype as its title!

Give a click to check out Samuel L. Jackon, Luke Kirby, Ruth Negga, and Tom Wilkinson in this trailer for The Samaritan.

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