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Shipping Update

GeneralJason L Blair05 November 2012

All Pre-Orders Out the Door!
Every single pre-order is in the mail as I type. That includes both international and domestic.

All Other Orders
Now for the not-so-great news. I originally said I was going to ship out the corebooks and the overdue Five-Story Drop separately to get the corebook in your hands. Problem is, after running the numbers, I can’t front paying what is essentially double the initially-projected shipping.

I would need to pay for this double-shipping out of my personal pocket, since I don’t have earmarked Kickstarter funds to cover it, and that’s just not something I can do right now. So, instead, I’ve decided to ship the corebook and supplement (and dice and Little Fears books, as appropriate) together as originally planned. To buffer this, I’m directing as much energy as I can toward finishing Five-Story Drop in the next couple weeks so I can have hardcopies ASAP.

Still though, I feel like I’m punishing those who supported at a higher level but holding off on sending out their books. I will endeavor to come up with some way to make this right. I’m noodling options currently and have some ideas I think you’ll dig.

Again, I am very sorry for the delay. I’m doubling down on getting Five-Story Drop out the door though and will post regular updates letting you know its status.


For Sale: Custom Dice + Dice Bags

GeneralJason L Blair20 September 2012

Have you seen these?

The Streets of Bedlam Dice Set* includes a standard complement of d4, d6, d8, 2d10, d12, d20, plus a custom Wild Die featuring Vincent’s battered bloody fist at the 6-spot. All wrapped up in a smooth silken drawstring bag with the Streets of Bedlam logo on the front.

This set is gorgeous and, as they were made by Chessex, they have a nice heft and roll great. You can get your own sets right now at just $15 each.

How Many Sets?

Note on Shipping

The shipping on these will be the same if you order a single set or half a dozen (you can cram a lot of sets into the USPS flat rate boxes), so if you have local friends who each want a set, make it all one order and save yourself some cash.

Ordering Lots of Sets

You can order up to four sets using the button above but, if you want more than that, send me an email using the Contact Form and I’ll get you squared away.

Attention Kickstarter Backers!

If you backed the Kickstarter with a pledge of $60 or more, you already have one set of these beauties coming to you! (But don’t let that stop you from ordering more, if you like.)

*Dice of Bedlam?

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State of the Streets: Print Edition, Five-Story Drop, Sounds (Also, Dice)

UncategorizedJason L Blair23 July 2012

Hey everyone! As you may know, I’m in the midst of a new job and an out-of-state move but I wanted to give you all an update on where the print edition of SoB and the PDF/print edition of Five-Story Drop are at.

SoB: Print Edition
I was lucky enough after launching Streets of Bedlam to receive some raw, honest feedback on the book. The reaction has been overwhelmingly positive but fans of Savage Worlds and neo-noir weren’t shy about pointing some areas that could be strong. I’m taking advantage of being able to update the PDF prior to committing to print to tweak the text a bit, add some more content, and do more and more edit passes. My aim is to get the print edition in-hand next month.

SoB: Five-Story Drop
My plan for the first supplement, Five-Story Drop, is to get it out in PDF in September and then in print around early October. If I can do earlier, I certainly will.

All of this is about half-a-year out from my initial target. I apologize sincerely for that. I could push out the PDF to the printer right now and have everything in hand by mid-August, but I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to make SoB even better and give you all even more content.

SoB: Sounds
Ed is currently hard at work on the tracks. The stuff I’ve heard has been amazing. I’m aiming to get “Side A” of the compilation out to backers next week or so with “Side B” to follow sometime after.

SoB: Dice
For those interested, I’ll be doing a pre-order for the Streets of Bedlam dice very soon. Folks who backed the Kickstarter at $60 or more are already getting these custom dice, but I love them so much I made a bunch to share with you all. I’ll get that pre-order rolling soon.

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