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Week One Round Up!

GeneralJason L Blair09 December 2011

The first full week of promoting Streets of Bedlam has come to a close and the response has been amazing. Thank you all! Here’s a summary of what’s happened the past seven days.

As of this posting, we are just three backers away from hitting ONE HUNDRED!

As I noted earlier, I have set new milestones with new rewards. Unlock new archetypes and a new episode for the upcoming first supplement.

This past week, we met the MONSTER and the VALKYRIE. Next week, I’ll show two new Character Types/Archetypes and talk about some of the new rules options that Streets of Bedlam introduces to the Savage Worlds system.

Josh and Joe from the Gamestarter podcast had me on their show to discuss Streets of Bedlam along with a lot of other great titles on Kickstarter.

I recently sat down with Matt McElroy at Flames Rising to discuss Streets of Bedlam.

Jenn from the Jennisodes has a blog post up helping spread the word about the game!

Pinnacle did me the honor of putting Streets of Bedlam on their front page!

The folks at Going Last podcast had some very nice things to say about the game!

Cain over at RPG.org nails the game’s potential on the head. “In my opinion, the setting sounds something like a Gotham City without Batman, or a place where Rorschach could have his hands full with work.”


2 Responses

  1. Benoit Devost Says:

    You’re at 100 now 😉

    I like the project quite a lot, and I loved Little Fears. I’m confident this will turn out very interesting.

  2. Jason L Blair Says:

    Thank you very much, Benoit!

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